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Revolution AMC is an Association Management Company that is designed to exclusively support credentialing organizations.   We are uniquely positioned in the assessment industry to provide unparalleled management and guidance to help credentialing groups thrive.   This means we can offer testing services that exceed industry standards and find the most cost-effective strategies to improve operations. In short, we employ and partner with the most innovative and effective individuals and organizations in the credentialing industry to make your program outstanding.  

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" If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” Jim Rohn.


About Our Team

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Matt Turner, PhD - Founder and CEO

Before founding Revolution AMC, Matt spent many years as a leader and consultant in health services, examination development, and association management.  Matt is a licensed psychologist with extensive experience in organizational development and the testing industry. As an association executive, he has assisted in transforming his previous organization from a small “mom and pop” group to a multimillion-dollar operation with dozens of in-house employees.   He has broad high stakes examination experience having developed small and large scale licensure exams in the US and internationally.  He is also the Chair of the Examination Resources and Advisory Committee for Council of Licensure Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR) and has been asked to speak to the assessment community on how to develop accurate, meaningful assessments.  In fact, his innovation in examination development was recognized by the American Psychological Association (APA) when he was awarded the Distinguished Contribution to the Advancement of Pharmacotherapy at the National Level Award.  


Tara Raines, PhD - VP of Research, Equity, and Community Outreach

Tara is a licensed psychologist with a background in academia, consulting, and wide ranging research experience.  She has partnered with many organizations including government, nonprofit groups, and school systems to  lead research agendas, develop training curriculum, conduct program evaluation, and offers cultural competence/cultural humility training and implicit bias training in the item development process.   She oversees the psychometric services projects and ongoing research for Revolution AMC clients.

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Sara Douglas, PsyD - Director of Content Development

Sara is a licensed psychologist with expertise in organizational leadership and assessment.  She is well known for her experience in executive coaching and is highly sought after for leadership development and organizational support.  She also has a comprehensive background  in item development for high stakes examinations and brings a wealth of  knowledge on item writing, including expertise of the creation of relevant, applied, "real world" items.  She oversees and develops content solutions for AMC clients and provides organizational consultations. 


Carolyn Coles, MA -Project Manager

Carolyn holds a MA in International and Intercultural Communication and a BS in Marketing and she is a doctoral candidate in Criminology, Law & Society at the University of California, Irvine. She has experience with various agencies throughout the United States leading data-driven projects, research design, and conducting program evaluations. She also has a background in diversity, equity, and inclusion training and organizational preparation. She develops content and manages project deliverables for AMC clients

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